Stufflebeam, Daniel L.

Evaluation theory, models, and applications / Daniel L. Stufflebeam, Chris L.S. Coryn. - Second edition. - San Francisco : Jossey-Bass & Pfeiffer Imprints, Wiley, 2014. - xxxiii, 766 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. - Research methods for the social sciences ; 50 .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Machine generated contents note: Tables and Figures Dedication Preface Acknowledgements Introduction Part One: Fundamentals of Evaluation Chapter 1: Overview of the Evaluation Field Chapter 2: Evaluation Theory Chapter 3: Standards for Program Evaluations Part Two: An Evaluation of Evaluation Approaches and Models Chapter 4: Background for Assessing Evaluation Approaches and Models Chapter 5: Pseudoevaluations Chapter 6: Quasi-Evaluation Studies Chapter 7: Improvement-Oriented and Accountability-Oriented Evaluation Approaches Chapter 8: Social Agenda and Advocacy Evaluation Approaches Chapter 9: Eclectic Approaches Chapter 10: Best Approaches for 21st Century Evaluations Part Three: Explication of Selected Evaluation Approaches Chapter 11: Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Design Evaluations Chapter 12: Case Study Evaluations Chapter 13: Daniel Stufflebeam's CIPP Model for Evaluation: An Improvement and Accountability Approach Chapter 14: Michael Scriven's Consumer-Oriented Approach to Evaluation Chapter 15: Robert Stake's Responsive/Stakeholder-Centered Evaluation Approach Chapter 16: Michael Patton's Utilization-Focused Evaluation Approach Part Four: Evaluation Tasks, Procedures, and Tools Chapter 17: Identifying and Assessing Evaluation Opportunities Chapter 18: First Steps in Addressing Evaluation Opportunities Chapter 19: Designing Evaluations Chapter 20: Budgeting Evaluations Chapter 21: Contracting Evaluations Chapter 22: Collecting Evaluative Information Chapter 23: Analyzing and Synthesizing Information Chapter 24: Communicating Evaluation Findings Part Five: Metavaluation and Institutionalizing/Mainstreaming Evaluation Chapter 25: Metaevaluation: Evaluating Evaluations Chapter 26: Institutionalizing/Mainstreaming Evaluation Glossary References .

"The golden standard evaluation reference text now in its second edition, Evaluation Theory, Models, and Applications is the vital text on evaluation models, perfect for classroom use as a textbook, and as a professional evaluation reference. The book begins with an overview of the evaluation field and program evaluation standards, and proceeds to cover the most widely used evaluation approaches. With new evaluation designs and the inclusion of the latest literature from the field, this second edition is an essential update for professionals and students who want to stay current. Understanding and choosing evaluation approaches is critical to many professions, and Evaluation Theory, Models, and Applications, Second Edition is the benchmark evaluation guide.Authors Daniel L. Stufflebeam and Chris L. S. Coryn, widely considered experts in the evaluation field, introduce and describe 23 program evaluation approaches, including, new to this edition, transformative evaluation, participatory evaluation, consumer feedback, and meta-analysis. Evaluation Theory, Models, and Applications, Second Edition facilitates the process of planning, conducting, and assessing program evaluations. The highlighted evaluation approaches include: Experimental and quasi-experimental design evaluations Daniel L. Stufflebeam's CIPP Model Michael Scriven's Consumer-Oriented Evaluation Michael Patton's Utilization-Focused Evaluation Robert Stake's Responsive/Stakeholder-Centered Evaluation Case Study Evaluation Key readings listed at the end of each chapter direct readers to the most important references for each topic. Learning objectives, review questions, student exercises, and instructor support materials complete the collection of tools. Choosing from evaluation approaches can be an overwhelming process, but Evaluation Theory, Models, and Applications, Second Edition updates the core evaluation concepts with the latest research, making this complex field accessible in just one book"--

9781118074053 (cloth) ;

Evaluation research (Social action programs)

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Coryn, Chris L. S.

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