Verma, J. P.

Data analysis in management with SPSS software / J.P. Verma. - New Delhi ; New York, N.Y. : Springer, c2013. - xxi, 481 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

Includes bibliographical references (p. 469-474) and index.

1. Data management -- 2. Descriptive analysis -- 3. Chi-square test and its application -- 4. Correlation matrix and partial correlation: explaining relationships -- 5. Regression analysis and multiple correlations: for estimating a measurable phenomenon -- 6. Hypothesis testing for decision-making -- 7. One-way ANOVA: comparing means of more than two samples -- 8. Two-way analysis of variance: examining influence of two factors on criterion variable -- 9. Analysis of covariance: increasing precision in comparison by controlling covariate -- 10. Cluster analysis: for segmenting the population -- 11. Application of factor analysis: to study the factor structure among variables -- 12. Application of discriminant analysis: for developing a classification model -- 13. Logistic regression: developing a model for risk analysis -- 14. Multidimensional scaling for product positioning.

This book provides readers with a greater understanding of a variety of statistical techniques along with the procedure to use the most popular statistical software package SPSS. It strengthens the intuitive understanding of the material, thereby increasing the ability to successfully analyze data in the future. The book provides more control in the analysis of data so that readers can apply the techniques to a broader spectrum of research problems. This book focuses on providing readers with the knowledge and skills needed to carry out research in management, humanities, social and behavioural science.

8132207858 ; 9788132207856 ;

SPSS (Computer file)

Social sciences--Statistical methods--Computer programs.
Database management.
Mathematical statistics--Data processing.

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